Our History

Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. (CNHS) is a private, non-profit organization directed by a group of volunteers.  CNHS primarily serves residents of the City of Cumberland.

The organization was founded and incorporated in 1982.  CNHS began with one primary focus: providing funding for low income, first time homebuyers in North Cumberland.

In existence for more than 30 years, the organization has grown both in scope of programs it offers, as well as now serving the entire City of Cumberland.  Some CNHS programs even reach throughout Allegany County and the tri-state region.

Our Mission
Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services (CNHS) is a non-profit, community organization directed by volunteers whose purpose is to renew pride, restore confidence, promote reinvestment and revitalize neighborhoods from within.

Collaborative Achievement
The City of Cumberland, Allegany County and the State of Maryland recognize Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services (CNHS) as a leader in revitalizing city neighborhoods by fostering home ownership as well as home rehabilitation.

Today, the organization is under the leadership of a 9-member volunteer Board of Directors, an Executive Director, a Project Manager and an Administrative Assistance.  CNHS is proud to be recognized as a Charter Member of NeighborWorks, and a member of both National NeighborWorks and the National Campaign for Home Ownership.

Employees of CNHS hold professional certifications ranging from homebuyer education to home maintenance and provide leadership, guideance and education on a continual basis.

Today’s Program Offerings
CNHS categorizes their efforts into several areas:

  • Homebuyer Education
    • CNHS offers pre-purchase and post-purchase educational programs for new home buyers.  CNHS also coordinates and offers do-it-yourself (DIY) classes to encourage home maintenance skills.
  • Closing Cost Grants
    • CNHS offers qualifying new home buyers in the City of Cumberland a grant toward closing costs to encourage new home purchases.
  • Foreclosure Counseling
    • CNHS provides counseling services to those who are delinquent with mortgage payments as well as those facing foreclosure.  Counseling may also include assistance in securing a loan modification, or referral to legal services.
  • Community Leadership
    • CNHS sponsors and supports the city’s neighborhood organizations and facilitates meetings of the North End Crime Watch, as well as serving as a direct conduit between residents and local government.
  • Rehab and Property Development
    • CNHS has acquisitioned blighted properties and invested in them to rehabilitate them and put them back onto the market.  CNHS is engaging in the land bank model of property acquisition, holding, redevelopment, and blight removal to revitalize neighborhoods.

CNHS as an organization has evolved with the city and neighborhoods it serves, recognizing needs and working to meet the new challenges that arise.