“NAILS” is not an acronym.  It is the name of a Mission Program that utilizes donations of supplies and funds, as well as volunteer labor to repair and improve local homes so that homeowners can live comfortably and safely in their home for as long as possible.  The program specifically emphasizes assisting those with mobility impairments and health and safety concerns, as well as those in financial or dire need.

NAILS is a proud member of the County United Way, a recipient of funds to support NAILS Mission projects, and an advocate for the partner agencies of the County United Way.

NAILS utilizes local contractors and/or volunteers to complete the home repairs. Our volunteer force comes from local organizations and visiting work groups from across the nation. These volunteers are supplemented with skilled contractors for jobs too hazardous for volunteer labor or when mandated by local building codes.  Due to the varied expertise of volunteers and the dangers of some jobs, NAILS does not undertake roof repairs/replacements, window replacements, or extensive plumbing or electrical repairs.  Homes must be owner occupied.  Mobile homes and rental units do not quality for the program.

The partnership between volunteers and professionals in our community makes for great home repairs for homeowners who do not have the resources to undertake the repairs that are required for them to live comfortably and safely.


Funding for NAILS

Contributions from the religious community, non-profit organizations, businesses and concerned citizens primarily fund NAILS projects.  Appropriate grants are regularly sought and NAILS is supported by the County United Way, the Rotary Club of Cumberland, and participation fees from the volunteer work groups.

Community donations are the most significant funding stream for the program.  Donations to NAILS may be made in the form of materials for projects or by direct contribution.  Donations to NAILS are necessary and appreciated and should be provided by check made payable to “NAILS Missions,” and mailed to:  NAILS Missions, c/o Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services, 400 N. Mechanic Street, Cumberland, MD 21502.


The Impact of NAILS

NAILS fills an important gap in the spectrum of local housing needs by enabling needy homeowners to keep their homes, thus alleviating the need for other types of housing.

A safe and well-maintained home increases the homeowner’s security and personal pride.

NAILS provides a way for religious organizations, non-profits and government agencies to work together for the greatest good in the community.


NAILS Projects

Projects that NAILS focuses on each year center most importantly on those that create a safer living environment or increase mobility within a home.  Some projects such as roofing, windows, major plumbing and extensive electrical work are not possible.

However, ramps, weatherization, painting, cabinetry, floor repairs, and many others are perfect for the expertise of volunteers.  Projects ranging from painting a front porch to repairing stairs are excellent choices for NAILS volunteers to undertake!



NAILS volunteers come from the local community as well as from across the nation.  Accommodation information and details about participating in a NAILS Mission project are available by calling 301-722-6958 to receive a group application.  Click here for the application to volunteer with NAILS. Applications may be downloaded, printed, completed and returned in hard copy.


Apply for a NAILS Project

Give us a call at 301-722-6958 to receive an application by mail.  Applications do not have a set deadline, however, projects begin in March of each year and conclude in November.  Therefore, it is best to have applications complete and submitted no later than March 1.  Applications are accepted throughout the year, but the best window of time for submission is between January 1 and March 1.

The NAILS project application is available online.  Click hereApplications should be downloaded, printed, completed, and returned in hard copy either in person or by mail, as soon as possible after January 1.  Incomplete applications may be denied.  Applications that do not include required documentation are considered “incomplete” and may be immediately denied.


Contact Us

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call.  We are here to help!

Phone – 301-722-6958

Email –

We welcome walk-in questions and requests for applications at our office located at 400 N. Mechanic Street, Cumberland.


Similar Community Programs

Other programs similar to NAILS exist in the community, but have different qualifications for application and project completion.  Among them are the following:

  • Camp Hope – Call 301-689-0444
  • Human Resources Development Commission (HRDC) – Call 301-777-5970