Board of Directors

Members of the CNHS Board of Directors are chosen for their business experience, experience in government, and understanding of the communities served. Through a nomination and election process of corporate members, the Board of Directors is representative of residents of neighborhoods served; professions such as legal, real estate, accounting and lending; ethnic and cultural diversity of Cumberland; public officials who serve as ex-officio members and; individuals recognized as leaders in the community.


Board of Directors

Jim Stemple, President
Owner, First Mortgage Services

David Cox, Vice President
Code Enforcement & Housing Inspector, City of Cumberland

John DiFonzo, Treasurer
Engineer, City of Cumberland

Steven J. Kesner, Secretary
Executive Director, Housing Authority of the City of Cumberland & Cumberland Housing Alliance, Inc.

Robert Keech, Director
Realtor, Coldwell Banker

Sue Simpson, Director
Commercial Lending Officer, M&T Bank

Donna Monteleone, Director
New York Life Insurance

Dennis Tipton, Director
Social Worker, Thomas B. Finan Center

Jeff Porta, Director
Paralegal, Office of Tara Collier, Esq.

Grace Scaletta, Director Emeritus
Retired, Resident Member

Karen Ashby, Liaison
Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development



Members of the Board of Directors have completed a variety of trainings and coursework and hold many certifications in a diversity of fields.  Currently held certifications and coursework completed include:

  • Organizational Leadership Succession (NeighborWorks ML 312)
  • Race, Culture and Opportunity (NeighborWorks, ML 923)
  • The Board & Senior Management: Stewards of the Assets and the Organization (NeighborWorks, AM 103)
  • Breaking with Isolation: The Power of Neighbors (NeighborWorks CB 100)
  • The Business of Community Change (NeighborWorks NR 902)
  • Intergenerational Community Building (NeighborWorks CB 243)
  • Laying a Foundation for Fundraising (NeighborWorks ML170)
  • Fundamentals of Sustainable Funding: Engaging Individual Donors (NeighborWorks ML 172)
  • Managing Your Nonprofit for Results (NeighborWorks ML 292)
  • Social Media for Economic Development
  • Co-Occuring Disorders: Behavioral Health & Substance Use Problems in Late Life
  • Maryland DHMH License of Certified Social Worker – Clinical
  • DSM-5 Major Reorganization and Incremental Change
  • Ethics for Health Care Professionals
  • Bully Busting:  Strategies to Identify, Address and Intervene with both the Bull and the Victim
  • Bully Busting:  Legal Impact of Bullying
  • Maryland DHMH Ethics
  • HIV & Hepatitis C Update
  • Improved Health Outcomes through Attention to Health Literacy
  • Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment
  • Serving Court Involved Individuals in Western Maryland
  • Serving Those Who Have Served: Educating Healthcare Providers Working With Service Members
  • Sex Offenders: Sadistic vs Non-Sadistic
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Domestic Violence
  • Social Work in Corrections
  • Falls Prevention in the Community
  • Falls Prevention in Care Settings
  • Internet Security
  • Mortgage Loan Originator’s License
  • Institute of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Studies: TAMAR Program
  • Water Measurement
  • Traffic Calming
  • Flow in Gutters
  • Basic Civil Engineering – Sewers and Sewerage
  • Basic Civil Engineering – Sewers and Sewerage 2
  • Basic Civil Engineering – Sewage Treatment
  • Basic Civil Engineering – Culvert Design 1
  • Basic Civil Engineering – Culvert Design 2
  • Highway Engineering 3: Driver, Pedestrian, Vehicle & Traffic Characteristics
  • Design of Small Water Systems
  • Runoff Analysis
  • Low Impact Development and the Basics of Bioretention
  • Construction’s 10 Step Guide to Implementing an Environmental Compliance Program
  • Turbine Interchange
  • ESRI Roads and Highways
  • Structural Stainless Steel in Pedestrian and Vehicular Bridge Design
  • Bridge Modeling: Design and Engineering Collaboration
  • MREC Residential Agency Real Estate
  • Tax Facts & Real Estate
  • Real Estate Ethics
  • 2012-2014 Real Estate Legal Update
  • Equal Opportunity & Fair Housing
  • Business & Professional Banking Compliance
  • Bank Secrecy Act & Anti-Money Laundering
  • Information Security and Privacy Training
  • Fair Banking Assessment
  • Certified Manager of Housing
  • Certified Occupancy Specialist in Rural Rental  Housing
  • Essentials of Human Resources and the Law
  • Weather Preparedness
  • Winter Hazards
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Evictions of Public Housing Tenants
  • Self Audits
  • Safety Committees
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Anti-Virus and Patches
  • Wireless and Remote Network Access
  • Firewalls, Appliances and Network Usage
  • Network Access Using Handheld Devices
  • Electronic Banking Precautions
  • E-Mail Safety and Data Transfer
  • Server Room Security and Data Safety
  • Grievance Hearing Officer Training
  • Risk Certification
  • Plugging into Your Carrier
  • Risk Management & Developing a Plan
  • Inspection & Hazard Identification
  • Claims Protocol
  • Underwriting a Policy – Factors Affecting Your Premium
  • Getting the Message Out
  • Resident Risk Management
  • Effective Use of HUD’s EIV System
  • EMS Specialist/Consultant
  • Certified Housing Inspector
  • NAHRO Public Housing Procurement
  • Maryland State Certified Level II Fire Officer
  • National and Maryland State Certified Level III Firefighter
  • National and Maryland State Certified Level II Instructor
  • National Registered Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic
  • Emergency Medical Services Officer I